Dar un objeto en Second Life

Hoy tratando de hacer un cartel para ayudar a Elenka con su evento encontre un script muy util para dar un objeto sea una carpeta, un objeto, un notes, o un landmark es el siguiente:

// Copyright 2004, Trimming Hedges.  Released to the public domain.

// This is a simple script that gives everything in a box to the person who clicked.
// By default, it will only give items to the owner of the box.

// I wrote this because of all the texture bundles that are given out.  It's really a PAIN
// to move a lot of textures or other contents out of a box.  This speeds that up.

// This is NOT a vending script.  You can use this script to give everything in a box to someone, by changing 'owneronly' to be 0.  BUT:
//  I suggest not using this script in an area where several people are going to touch it at once, because giving inventory is slow.
//  Version 2.0 of this script now detects multiple simultaneous touches: it is still slow, but it should work better at classes or events.

//  THIS IS NOT A VENDING SCRIPT.  It gives items away, it does NOT SELL THEM.  (You don't need a script for most vending anyway.)
//  This script doesn't give itself away.  If you want it to, put it in the box, and set it to not running.
//  Then rename a copy and put that in the box too.  The renamed copy should be the running one.
//  Rename it FIRST, I had weird issues with renaming it when it was already in
//  the box. (version 1.2.12 of SL.)

integer owneronly = 0;
key owner;

owner = llGetOwner();

touch_start(integer total_number)
integer i;
for (i=0;i
key target = llDetectedKey(i);

if ( (target != owner) && (owneronly == 1) )  // person clicking isn't owner and owneronly is set;
llInstantMessage(target,"Sorry, only the owner is allowed to get my contents.");
integer inventory_count = llGetListLength(inventory_types);
integer j;
integer k;
integer type;
integer typecount;
string myname = llGetScriptName();
string objectname;

for (j=0; j
type = llList2Integer(inventory_types,j); // get the next inventory type from the list
typecount = llGetInventoryNumber(type);  // how many of that kind of inventory is in the box?
if (typecount > 0)
for (k=0; k
objectname = llGetInventoryName(type,k);
if (objectname != myname)  // don't give self out so the user doesn't get fifty thousand copies.

Basta crear un objeto y dentro de la carpeta en la pestana content meter este script y lo que queremos dar.

Espero que les sea de utilidad.